Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Off to see the Wizard

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, known in these parts as "the Great and Powerful Oz," (though he sure didn't earn the "Great" part this year) is set to make his debut as a World Series TV commentator tonight on Fox. A lot of jokes are being made about how the censor will earn his pay with Ozzie on board. I predict he will be on good behavior (though I still wouldn't rule out some cheesy Fox skit or stunt during the telecast that play's on Ozzie's propensity to earn bleeps).

Hopefully, someone will remind him before he goes on the air that he needs to slow down and speak as clearly as possible, though that might also drain him of some essential Ozzie-ness. Ozzie is a lot of fun, and usually even more fun when he says what's on his mind, but I and probably many other fans judge most of his post-game press conferences on their emotional volatility rather than the content of what he is actually saying (or might be saying? What did he say?)

I do wonder what Ozzie will have to say about former-Sox player/current Yankee Nick Swisher. Speculatuve quote: "Sure, he's good now, but he was a f------ piece of s--- for us."

Cubs fans may not find much of interest in the World Series, though Yankee manager and former Cub Joe Girardi is someone we like to think of as a Cub in spirit, even though everything he learned about winning at this level happened when he played in New York (and don't forget the Cubs had a chance to land Girardi as manager and went with Lou Piniella instead). Meanwhile, Scott Eyre has a chance to win a second consecutive World Series ring--who would have predicted that in the summer of 2008 when the Cubs gave up on him?

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