Monday, October 12, 2009

Cubs file for bankruptcy protection

The Cubs filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a move that had been expected in order to allow the organization's sale to the Rickettseseses... to move toward completion. All I want to know is if this will get in the way of Cubs' efforts to sign their new right fielder Bobby Abreu, new multi-position stud Chone Figgins and new No. 4 starter John Lackey.

All three of those guys are in the L.A, Angels, who are about the enter the ALCS and give the Yankees a run for their money. So, I guess they won't be available for a while, which is exactly why the Cubs might want them--and why the Sox should want them, too. My guess is the Cubs will take a look at all three, but might be (finally) gun-shy about big free agent contracts.

I like the chances that the Sox might actually end up signing Abreu to take over in right field after Jermaine Dye lost his job with a dreadful late-season slump. Both teams really could use Figgins, though I wonder if both will be part of a group of teams that drive up the bidding before the Red Sox swoop in and sign him.

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