Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sox: Swoon update

The Sox just lost to the Yankees 10-0, and much like the Cubs have looked lately, the Sox to a man looked slow and lost in this one. So, maybe there is no reason to believe they still have a chance this season.

You know how I go hot and cold on our teams when they start swooning, but this was the worst Sox game I have seen in a long time that didn't take place in the Piranhas' Horror Dome. The Sox were almost no-hit by none other than Sergio Mitre--who they beat earlier this month--and Chad Gaudin (yes, folks, two Cubs rejects). And the one hit by Jim Thome really was a once-in-a-blue-moon misplay by Yanks 1B Mark Texeira (or maybe not even a misplay if you get a chance to see the replay).

Meanwhile, Jose Contreras continues to... decompose. He's basically reserving a spot in the rotation for Jake Peavy, but isn't even doing that much anymore.

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