Friday, August 14, 2009

Cubs win 17-2. So what?

The Cubs offense lived up to its billing Friday, producing 17 runs and a win, but it all came against the second-worst team in the National League, the hapless Pirates. And since it's August and after the trading deadline, the Pirates are, as usual, are stitched with the type of talent that either isn't quite there yet, was never there or is already long gone.

This win comes after the Cubs only won 1 of 7 against the types of teams they need to beat for postseason success--and they looked even worse doing that than the record indicates.

If the Cubs can pound the Pirates around Wrigley this weekend, the masses will go home happy, and if the Cardinals happen to lose 1 or 2 in the meantime, then the Cubs wins will gain more meaning--at least until the Cubs next have to battle a team like the Rockies, Phillies or Cardinals...

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