Monday, April 26, 2010


A great weekend to be a fan of both the White Sox and the Cubs: Both teams did nothing but win, as the Sox swept the Mariners and the Cubs swept the Brewers. Which was more gratifying? The fun of being a fan who Swings Both Ways is that you don't have to decide.

The Sox won in especially exciting fashion--two walk-off wins on homers and the third victory coming on a bottom-eighth blast. The Cubs, meanwhile, were dominant in Milwaukee, controlling games with great pitching and persistent offense.

I love to see the Sox come back late because you always believe they have it in them. Ozzie Guillen laments having to win by the homer, but it's the never-say-die attitude of his teams that allow for those moments. On the other hand, like most Cubs fans, I am never comfortable with the Cubs leading until the high-fives start and the team walks off the field, so it was great to see them in control and confident.

Both teams have had major ups and downs thus far in the early going, but what a great weekend!

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Mike said...

last post on April 26? On vacation?