Thursday, November 5, 2009

Abreu's off the table

The hot stove season isn't even warmed up yet, and one of the players who would have been a great fit with either the Cubs or the White Sox has been taken off the table. Bobby Abreu, the L.A. Angels' southpaw outfielder with power, speed, a decent batting average and plate patience, has re-upped with the Angels.

He would have made a nice replacement for Jermaine Dye on the Sox, or a much better follow-up to Milton Bradley on the Cubs. Now, both teams could end up setting sights on another Angel, Chone Figgins.

Incidentally, it had been reported earlier Thursday that the Sox had traded Chris Getz and Josh Fields to Kansas City for Mark Teahen, another potential Dye replacement, though by the end of the day, the veracity of those reports was in doubt. Well see. Teahen also plays third base, so maybe Gordon Beckham would move to second?

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