Monday, September 14, 2009

Meaningless games

The Cubs and Brewers are set to tilt at Wrigley field tonight (with SBW in the house) to start a four-game series that back in April (or even in July) looked like it would be critical to the postseason chances of both the Cubs and Brewers. Alas, the Cubs faded and the Brewers never really got going.

What you get instead is a series of meaningless games, though if the Cubs sweep and the Colorado Rockies get swept in San Francisco this week, which is a realistic possibility, they could put themselves back in the Wild Card mix (though still behind the Giants, the Marlins, the Braves and, yes, the Rockies). Likewise, the Brewers could makes the Cubs season even more disappointing with their own four-game sweep.

In any case, Wrigley crowds have seemed lackluster lately, late-arriving, early-leaving and, unlike a few weeks ago, barely mustering the energy to boo. I'm not expecting a full house tonight, though it will be a lovely night for a ball game. And you can probably get tickets for every game in the series at bargain basement prices by Wrigleyville standards. Friends of mine coming in from out of town have already scored a pack of bleacher tix for Wednesday night's game for less than half face value.

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