Friday, May 22, 2009

No Peavy, just Peaved

Looks like Jake Peavy won't be coming to the Southside (or the Northside, at least for now), so the White Sox are left only wwith the public embarrassment of having traded for a guy who wasn't interested in being traded to them. Shouldn't that part get figured out before the deal is actually made? Did they think Peavy would bend their way if all the paperwork was prepared?

It may not seem like a relief now, but I think by later this season or certainly next, the Sox will be very happy they didn't ship Clayton Richard and Aaron Poreda out of town for Peavy. And, I remain convinced until proven wrong that Peavy doesn't have much backbone for pitching in anyone's small park.

Unfortuantely, the Sox pitching staff did nothing yesterday but show that they desparately need help, getting pounded 20-1 by the Piranhas, who did not nip away at the Sox so much as they ate them whole.

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