Friday, April 10, 2009

Quiet bats, disquieting thoughts

The White Sox have mustered a single run in their last 18 innings, and that run came after 17 quiet innings. It also took 2 outs to get the run in after Carlos Quentin doubled to lead off the bottom of the 9th inning yesterday. The Sox managed to get another 2 runners aboard against K.C. closer Joakim Soria, but new Sox player Wilson Betemit struck out to end it: Royals 2 Sox 1.

The Sox have a bit of comeback in them--they have for the last few years now. It always seems like the Great and Powerful Oz knows how to push the right buttons when the Sox are down to their last outs and need to at least tie the game.

But, there has been a disturbing lack of offensive energy in the first few games, which is not the way you want to go into a series against the hated Minnesota Piranhas. Thinking back, most of the spring training slate saw a lack of coring by the White Sox when other teams were coring 15 runs a game (the typical spring trend). Maybe spring games mean nothing, but right now, the Sox look an awful lot like they did during spring training.

The lead-off spot continues to lead to headaches. Chris Getz was 0-4 yesterday, though I think he may hold the job for a while--basically because there are few options after Getz and DeWayne Wise, who apparently didn't do enough bunting drills this spring. Josh Field may be the next to take first whacks if Getz bombs.

It's early yet, of course, and the whole line-up needs to wake up, not just the lead-off spot. Quentin and Alexei Ramirez have been looking desperate at the plate so far, for example. Still, it's funny how the Sox went into the off-season needing a lead-off man, didn't get a proven one, and now guess what looks like the most obvious problem area? (Of course, I mean funny-annoying, not funny-ha-ha...).

The Cubs play in Milwaukee at 3:05 p.m. I wonder how long Rich Harden will last.

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