Thursday, September 4, 2008

Skidding and standing firm

The Cubs are still skidding and not even looking good doing it, getting shut out Wednesday night 4-0 by the resurgent Astros. Dempster wasn't bad, but he needed to be perfect and also supply his own runs, with the offense back in slumber after Tuesday's 7-run output. We're not in panic mode here, no more than we were yesterday, anyway.

We're still believing this is just a bump in the road on the way to making the play-offs, regardless of how the division race ends, and with Zammy now out until at least next week with tendinitis (could have been worse) we might want to couch things in exactly those terms. On to Cinci!

With the Piranhas skidding, the Sox are in 1st place alone, standing firm and awaiting the Angels' visit tomorrow. Hope it stops raining by then.

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Michael said...

I have been avoiding your blog because I have been avoiding the Cubs skid. My heart can only take so much. Have you seen this: